Podcasts - Inspired Investing

  • The Pulse: Matthew Palazzolo, Senior Investment Strategist, covers trends in the economy, markets, and asset allocation for long-term investors.
  • Women & Wealth: Beata Kirr, Co-head of Investment Strategies, covers investing and wealth strategy topics specific to female investors.
  • Inspired Investing: Clare Golla, Head of Endowment and Foundation Advisory, covers anything and everything related to nonprofits, endowments, and foundations.
  • Changing the Trajectory: James Thompson, Head of Diverse Markets Strategy, covers a range of topics featuring courageous conversations, through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • On Purpose: Senior Investment Strategist and National Managing Director, Travis Allen, is joined by business, academic, and other leaders at the intersection of wealth building, profit, and making a difference.

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