Client Service

Your gateway to Bernstein starts with your Advisor, a highly trained professional and fiduciary whose only job is to focus on you. Your Advisor doesn’t “pick” stocks or sell checking services: You and your family and your investment objectives are your Advisor’s single charge.

Your Advisor and his or her team will be developing an investment plan, reviewing your portfolio against your plan, answering your questions, submitting your transaction requests and making sure the entire firm works for you. As the display below shows, they also make sure you have direct access to Bernstein’s deep resources, which include:

  • A Wealth Forecasting Analysis
  • Getting your plan right is the most important part of our job, so we start with a customized study that brings the full power of our analytic tools to address your circumstances and investment objectives.
  • Members of Our Wealth Planning and Analysis Group
  • Think of this group of experts in specialized areas, such as trusts or complex tax issues, as your own think tank. Their mission is to solve your most complicated wealth problems, such as wealth transfer and tax planning.
  • Senior Portfolio Managers
  • In one-on-one and group meetings, these investment experts share our views on the economic and capital-markets issues that affect your portfolio and our current strategies.