Wealth Planning

Bernstein puts sophisticated planning tools and expert advice to work for individuals, families and smaller institutions, in order to help them make well-informed financial decisions and achieve their goals, despite the uncertainties of the market.

Our proprietary core/surplus capital approach to wealth planning can be applied to solve many different planning problems. Here, we explain how we apply it to the problems that individuals and families face.

Giving You Control Over Where It Goes

Based on your personal circumstances, we’ll help you determine how much you need in “core capital” and create an investment strategy to build or preserve it. Our analytic tools are designed to empower you to make informed decisions, despite the uncertainties of the market.

Your “surplus capital” is the amount you can commit to your legacy or other causes without limiting your lifestyle. Our wealth-management experts work with you to find the best way to build and transfer this wealth through generations. Their analysis will include charitable giving, wealth transfer and minimizing taxes.

Core and Surplus: The Bernstein Framework

  • *The amount needed to support your lifestyle as long as you live