The Case for Integrated, Active Wealth Management


May 10, 2017

There’s a dizzying array of firms and people providing wealth-management services, yet to most investors, they all look the same—because most of them do indeed share a common approach: They outsource the investment management of client portfolios to other firms. As David Barnard, Head of Bernstein Private Wealth Management, explains in his latest paper, “The Case for Integrated, Active Wealth Management”, Bernstein is different and, we believe, better.

Bernstein’s unique combination of benefits include:

  • Consistent, risk-based approaches to investment outcomes
  • Individually tailored asset allocations and portfolios
  • World-class research expertise across asset categories and geographies
  • Direct investment in a range of high-conviction, limited-capacity institutional portfolios
  • Integrated volatility and tax management
  • Fully transparent fees
  • Personal service