The Seeds You Plant: Growing Your Philanthropic Impact


September 21, 2016

This easy-to-read compendium of giving strategies and related investment advice is organized around your choices as a donor. The introductory essay, “Your Philanthropy, Empowered,” addresses how to define your philanthropic mission, make an impact, size your capacity to give, and implement your philanthropic mission.

The pages that follow are modular in nature, so you can easily focus on what matters to you. The section on purely philanthropic strategies includes modules on direct gifts, charitable IRA rollovers, donor-advised funds, private foundations, charitable pledges, and bequests. The section on partly philanthropic strategies includes charitable lead annuity trusts, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, and pooled income funds. The section on investments explains why your time frame matters in making asset allocation decisions, what assets to give, socially responsible investing, and for-profit charitable strategies.

Among the special topics are “What to Consider Before Joining a Board,” “Checklist for Establishing a Private Foundation,” and “Crafting Your Investment Policy Statement.”