The Right End of the Telescope: Investment Advice that Meets Objectives


September 30, 2015

When it comes to assessing investment advice, most investors focus on performance versus indexes and/or performance versus manager peers. We think that’s like looking through the wrong end of a telescope, minimizing instead of magnifying the significance of what affects them the most: progress toward meeting their financial goals. Of course manager skill does matter—it’s just not as critical as identifying the portfolio allocation best suited to achieve your objectives.

In this paper, we analyze why these assertions are valid, and how they can empower investors to make the decisions and the (inevitable) trade-offs that will help assure long-term financial security. We quantify the significant benefits to finding the appropriate asset allocation, and sticking with it through market cycles. And we bring our analysis to life through three case studies, which illustrate how our goal-oriented, holistic approach to wealth management can help investors make better decisions and feel more confident about achieving their goals.

And so we train our focus precisely on the target that matters to each investor, looking through the right end of the telescope.