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February CMO: Is Diversification Dead?

It’s a question on investors’ minds these days as diversification hasn’t been as helpful as usual, recently.
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Global Economic Outlook February 2017

Structural headwinds still appear likely to keep global growth and interest rates from returning to precrisis norms. Yet recent data point to a brighter cyclical backdrop for the global economy. Interestingly, Donald Trump’s election victory and his promises of aggressive fiscal stimulus haven’t been the catalysts. When we consider a broad array of manufacturing indicators, including Purchasing Managers’ Indices, industrial production and trade volumes, it seems clear that the global economy reached its nadir last summer.
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Is It Time to Sell?

Given the turbulent start to 2016, you may be wondering if you’ll be able to stay on track to meet your goals. Our latest paper entitled “Is It Time to Sell?,” examines that very issue. It also provides our perspective on the concerns that are central to the recent market slide: What’s happening in China and in the oil markets.
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