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Keep abreast of coronavirus and its ongoing impact on markets and the economy. The situation remains fluid, so we plan to update this page regularly.

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Signs of Stability?

Signs of Stability?

Does recent economic data point to stabilization? Will debt overhang lead to downgrades? When will the bill for the policy wave come due? Chief US Economist Eric Winograd answers your questions.

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AB Bernstein Head David Barnard

Our Commitment to You Amid Covid-19

Amidst an unprecedented level of uncertainty and anxiety, Bernstein Head David Barnard reaffirms our commitment to serving you.

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Negative US Rates

The Market and Negative US Rates

The Fed shot down the notion of negative US interest rates last week—again. Yet the market continues to stubbornly price them in. This is a mistake, right? Probably, but the thought process behind this behavior is actually sound.

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Timely Questions

Our investment professionals respond to the most frequently asked questions we’re hearing right now.

Can Too Much of a Single Stock Be a Bad Thing?

When times are good, concentrated stock positions look limitlessly profitable. But what happens in a reversal?

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Can Illiquidity Work to Private Investors’ Advantage?

In private markets, which are typically illiquid, investment results are less influenced by market gyrations. That’s a singular advantage.

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Should You Revisit Your Estate Plan?

Being the loved one left behind is incredibly difficult. The steps you take in advance can help ease the pain.

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Will We See a Wave of Corporate Bond Defaults?

Corporate bond defaults will likely spike, but today’s yields will more than compensate investors for potential losses.

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Navigate a Viral Crisis

Ugly Employment Report Underscores Virus' Impact

Today’s employment report once again shed a light on the historically unprecedented impact of the coronavirus shock. Yet that doesn’t seem to matter for the market, which is looking forward and beginning to build a bridge to a more normalized 2021

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Gaining Industry Perspectives

Promising Paths to Treat Covid-19

Promising Paths to Treat Covid-19

With over 50 credible efforts underway to develop drugs, antibodies, and vaccines, the outlook for treatment is looking up. Ronny Gal—Bernstein’s senior research for Global Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals—shares his prognosis.

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Widening the Lens

Blue Ribbon

Election Time: Which Are the Best Candidates…for Wealth Transfer?

Now is the ideal time to shift assets for the benefit of generations to come. But which investments might make truly spectacular wealth transfer candidates?

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