Managing Director

Michael Woocher

Advisor Headshot

Wise Counsel

I am an attorney and, while I no longer practice law, I continue in this role as a counselor to my clients. I offer time-tested advice that is objective and rational, to assist my clients so they can make informed decisions about their wealth.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

After my three decades as a wealth advisor and executive of a leading multifamily office, I would only consider joining a firm which had the following: full alignment with its clients, a distinct and consistent culture, a track record as a premier investor and a tangible commitment to ‘white glove’ client service.

Fortunately, I found all of this and more at Bernstein.

At the firm, we combine the scale of being one of the world’s largest investment managers with a singular business focus on investment management, research and planning. I believe this combination of scale and intense focus creates a special, distinct and unparalleled client experience at Bernstein.

As the Managing Director of the Atlanta office, I am driven every day to attract exceptional professionals to our firm, partner with them to build awareness of Bernstein’s uniqueness in the marketplace and oversee the client relationships we serve. Since joining the firm, I have committed myself to this cause.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

I am fortunate to work with phenomenal clients who all have special and unique stories.

My clients are typically multigenerational families who have the privilege of significant wealth and the complications that come along with it. Many of my clients are focused on philanthropy, often by means of a family charitable fund, which can come in the form of a private foundation or a donor-advised fund. Most believe they have a responsibility to preserve and prudently grow their wealth for future generations. All of my clients want their financial wealth to enhance, but not define, the lives of their next generations.

By delivering proactive advice and expert execution on our plans, my team helps clients simplify their financial life. This provides peace of mind so they can focus their time on the activities they enjoy most.

What are your areas of expertise in solving problems for clients?

Being a problem solver is a skill in and of itself. In my role as a wealth advisor, problem solving takes on many forms. This ranges from quantitative-oriented investment and planning topics to qualitative issues focused around the dynamics of the family. Oftentimes, the two are directly connected.

A great example of this is my work helping clients develop tax-efficient wealth transfer plans. My team quantifies tax savings and forecasts future asset growth with a high degree of precision. Yet, the type of plan we create depends on family dynamics. Powerful and sophisticated plans are not always the best plans. As an experienced advisor who knows and appreciates the unique dynamics of the families that I partner with, I consider every factor when creating an effective plan. I know the smallest details make a world of difference. Sometimes, creating a plan that is too complicated may do more harm than good.