Brayden Puddington

Advisor Headshot

Creating Impact—Together.

I work with aspiring philanthropists and community leaders who are committed to their mission and think of wealth as more than just a number. By prioritizing simple yet crucial aspects of advising, I help my clients make a big impact.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

I first interacted with Bernstein as a prospective client. As a nonprofit board member, some colleagues and I interviewed several investment advisors. We needed a guide to tackle the complex task of investing a growing cash account to make future programming possible. After meeting with our list of candidates, one thing became very clear to me: Bernstein was different from the rest. 

Instead of just showing us what a sample portfolio might look like, Bernstein focused on our values, needs, and aspirations—and how they could best advise. 

This initial conversation centered on our organization’s needs, versus what the firm could provide us. Now, as a Bernstein advisor myself, I take my time to discover what is most important to my clients and use our resources to fulfill that. Every interaction at the firm has confirmed that I made the correct choice. At Bernstein, a genuine passion for the client is at our core, which is what I care most about as well. It’s an ideal match.

What kind of experience do you offer to your clients?

Since every client has an original definition of success, delineated by upbringing and experiences, I invest the time to listen before discussing investments. I work with individuals and organizations whose goals run the gamut: exiting a business, executing a transition plan, expanding philanthropic impact, or establishing a long-term wealth strategy. No matter their aspiration, I believe that building a comprehensive plan is a team effort. The objective is that both parties understand where we are today, where we would like to be over time and what steps we will take to get there. As part of this process, I also make every effort to improve my clients’ financial literacy and educate those around them. 

I genuinely desire to be more than a contact in clients’ address books and go beyond providing an annual or semiannual update. I want to be as present and involved with my client’s lives as they like or need. I am not just an advisor. I am a proven partner who provides unique plans.

If you didn’t work for Bernstein, what else would you be doing?

Though a far cry from what I do now, working in the food industry would be a second-choice career. Whether the function was a chef, farmer, or shop owner who specializes in charcuterie and wine, it would be my way of connecting with others. Great meals have the power to bring people together. In my own life, they have been a foundational component of my relationships with friends and family. In many ways, food is also a lot like wealth. It can be simple or complex. It can be based on a recipe passed down for many generations or newly discovered through innovative means. It can also be used to express one’s personal interests, and cultural attributes, or to leave a family legacy. The best part about food, though, is that no matter how enjoyable it may be on its own, a meal is the most delicious when experienced with others. The people, places, and connections you make through culinary exploration ultimately create incredible memories.