Josh Alpert

Empowering My Clients

I empower my clients by providing them with the right tools to navigate challenging capital markets. In addition, I appropriately frame and manage risks associated with their personal wealth and investments.

What inspired you to join to Bernstein?

Curiosity has always been the driving force behind my passion for markets and investing. Prior to working at Bernstein, I spent 20 years as a global equity portfolio manager. In this position, I enjoyed making money and managing risk for high-net-worth institutional clients. However, as I got older, I began to reflect on the importance of long-term financial goals as they pertained to my own family. The perspective I gained from my own life led me to the conclusion that I wanted to help others achieve their personal financial goals. I enjoy sharing my interests and ideas with others and feel so fortunate that I can do this at Bernstein. The firm shares a similar passion for investing, is home to any resource I could ask for and takes ownership and accountability of the investing process. Today, my practice at Bernstein revolves around providing the tools and insights so clients can navigate the complexities of the investment landscape and achieve their long-term goals.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

I work with entrepreneurs, business owners and allocators of capital. My clients also include family law practices and clients who are currently going through or have already gone through a divorce. All of my clients rely on me to balance out and appropriately frame timely liquidity events from a long-term planning perspective. My goal is to empower my clients by providing them with the tools to navigate challenging capital markets as well as to appropriately frame and manage risks associated with their personal wealth and investments. In doing so, I provide my clients with peace of mind, which is highly coveted in their worlds, confidence and security in terms of their wealth. As an advisor, I want to enable my clients to focus on other, more meaningful aspects of their life such as family, health, career and philanthropy.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

Family well-being, health, and providing for my children are most important to me. Building a plan to ensure financial security goes hand in hand with these priorities. From my experience, financial health is directly related to our mental and physical health.

In terms of leisure, I enjoy sharing my passion for sports, music and unique experiences with my friends and family. I am most proud of the accomplishments that came from my inclination toward non-conventional thinking, taking the more challenging path and following my instincts in order to achieve the best outcomes. To Bernstein, I bring investment expertise earned from two decades as a fiduciary to large institutions. This experience is coupled with lessons I have learned through personal challenges I’ve overcome. I look to both my career and life lessons to craft solutions that will help my clients achieve their goals. Lastly, I listen with an empathetic ear. It’s a skill earned from my family and invaluable to advising.