Natasha Woolfson

Partnering with entrepreneurs on an international scale has been the hallmark of my work over the last two decades. The entrepreneurs of today are truly global citizens with sophisticated concerns that are not limited by countries or borders. My own international upbringing uniquely positions me to help this cohort of changemakers that aims to reimagine the world we live in.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

Entrepreneurship and the disruption of industries has been the driving force of my career. In Bernstein, I quickly recognized a fellow innovator willing to upend the private wealth industry. This entrepreneurial DNA is woven into everything we do: from the conversations I have with my clients to the construction of our products and portfolios. I feel proud that our innovative mindset continually allows us to pivot and grow while still embracing the long-standing research heritage that has made us the successful firm we are today.

What is most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to your clients?

The relationships and friendships I establish with clients remain the most fulfilling aspect of my job. Having been an entrepreneur myself, I recognize the frustrations and fears many of my clients feel when facing periods of transition. By leveraging my own experiences in the tech sector, I try to provide the same type of advice and resources I wish I’d had when confronted by similar challenges. Throughout my work, my hope is to enable clients to focus on the things that matter most while I deal with the complexity that often accompanies their success.

How have your values and personal background uniquely positioned you to work with your clients?

Since moving from London to Boston, I have established a global advisory practice based on the lessons I learned both as an entrepreneur and investor. During periods of transition—whether that means an IPO, the sale of a business, or the passing of leadership to the next generation—I provide clients with solutions and guidance rooted in first-hand experience. I help each person define his or her own idea of success.

I continue to be active in the start-up world as an investor, advisor, and board member. I am a frequent lecturer and speaker on ideas that bridge innovation and sustainability. My work brings me together with founders who can harness the power of technology to continually redefine the world we live in. 

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