Christina Rincon

Advisor Headshot

Solving for Complexity, Leaving Room for Life

On a daily basis, I strive to enrich my clients’ lives by taking the potential burden of complex wealth off of their plates and onto mine. By doing this, I help create more windows of time for them to focus on achieving optimal joy.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

I was inspired to join Bernstein by many things, all of which have become more meaningful over time. At first, I was inspired by the incredible reputation of the firm, its ability to manage assets, and the incredible research they produce. Further along in the interview process, my admiration became so much more. I found that the people, culture, and care for clients were all different than anything I have experienced in my 15 years in the industry. There is a familial feel here at Bernstein where everyone is excited to work and succeed together while creating a wonderful environment for employees as well as clients. There is agreement that you could confidently refer a family member or friend to any advisor here and trust they will get the best of the best. You don’t sign on to work with one standalone team here. You sign on to work with all Bernstein has to offer. 

What’s the best way for people to put their wealth in perspective?

I think the best way to put wealth in perspective is that it should be viewed as you view your senses. No single sense can create a meaningful experience without the others. Taste is missing something without smell. Sight is somewhat flat without sound. In a similar way, wealth is more complex than just having money. What does it mean to “make money meaningful”? We mean that money can influence things like family engagement, philanthropic goals, and lifestyle goals. We find that when people take a deep dive into exploring these aspects, their wealth comes alive as more than just dollars and cents or returns against a benchmark. Wealth becomes a blessing rather than a burden when you use it to shape your life into your dreams.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

Outside of work, my passions lie in physical pursuits, family, and travel. I am most likely trying a new workout craze, heading on a ski trip in winter, or biking in warmer months when I’m away from work. Some favorite workouts I have tried are aerial yoga, Studio Lagree, and F45. Skiing highlights in recent years have been first visits to Whistler, Switzerland, and Aspen, Colorado. I value family tremendously and much of my and my partner’s time is spent traveling to visit family or planning trips with them. On the rare occasions that I am holed up inside, I can be found voraciously reading books ranging from detective novels to beach reads or binge-watching a good Netflix show. Curb Your Enthusiasm and Ozark are favorites.