Reid Kruger

Advisor Headshot

The Eminence and Influence of Wealth

My goal in working with families is to help them explore how their money can create an impact that transcends the money itself. To do this, I spend time with my clients and listen to their concerns and what enthuses them to design a plan of action.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

I ultimately got into this business as a response to my desire to work directly with people in a deeply personal way. In essence, I wanted to be a significant part of my clients’ lives.

I have always understood the power that money wields in this world. Therefore, finance was an industry that I felt well equipped to serve. After beginning my career at another firm, I launched a search for what I hoped would be a long-term landing spot. After meeting with Bernstein, the choice became clear. This is an organization that has global reach and sophistication yet the focus of a boutique firm. Bernstein supported the individual but also emphasized a team approach. It touted a 100% client focus and had the organizational structure to back it up. Years later, I am thankful to share that my early findings were correct. There will always be areas in which we can improve, but those three pillars continue to be the cornerstone of what keeps me here—and why families choose us as their partner.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to your clients?

Being in a relationship of substance with my clients satisfies me the most.

I believe that all of us crave community and it is a treat for me to be a part of theirs. Like any healthy relationship, its satisfaction and joy grow with time. That means my best years with clients are always to come. Another deeply fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to my clients is the fact that the decisions we make together have a far-reaching and lasting impact. The areas into which that reach extends and who (or what) is impacted certainly vary. Still, it is rewarding to witness both through time.

How have your values and personal background uniquely positioned you to work with your clients?

My upbringing and Christian faith have taught me who I am, how I am to engage with the world and what my ultimate pursuit is. The priorities and circumstances of life will always change, but knowing these truths has created a consistent and durable foundation from which I engage my clients. That foundation provides them with an important, and invaluable, sense of inner peace. My clients have full confidence that I am more than capable of advising their families, who all have different priorities and circumstances. I am grateful that my worldview allows me to support my clients throughout all seasons of their life, good and bad.