Managing Director

Walker Williams

Distinctive and Intellectually Curious Leader

Growing up in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, I’ve always strived to explore and be challenged both personally and professionally. I operate on the belief that leading from the front with autonomy can create impact and change outcomes.

What differentiates you from other advisors?

I am uniquely positioned to help my clients.

Having built and commercialized various investment businesses, designed and managed products for investors, I know and understand the nuances of investment management and the private wealth industry. Consulting for various chief investment officers and portfolio managers, I provide an incredible depth of knowledge on a vast array of technical and nontechnical subjects. I partner with family-focused entrepreneurs and members of the energy community. My goal is to construct, refine and execute financial strategies that exceed expectations and have a greater magnitude of impact. Utilizing a team-based approach, everything we do is grounded in purpose and mission.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

The culture and people.

I believe anyone can succeed with the proper infrastructure and support. As the leader of the Rocky Mountain region, I empower my team and have full confidence in them. Our culture is one that strives for greatness and to achieve more than anyone ever thought possible. We do this through transparency, accountability and tactical action. Like everything, if you are not in balance, perspectives and growth are stunted.

I have the privilege of working and learning from some of the best people in the industry. Every day I am challenged, laugh and learn. This firm has been transformational for me, and it can be transformational for you.

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

It’s not just one person, it’s multiple. My wife and kids have been instrumental in teaching me humility, patience, the art of having fun and giving me purpose. The reason I get up in the morning is to learn and give my family the luxury of options and choices.

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