Wealth Advisor

Marcellus Upshaw

Listener | Communicator | Sagacious Advisor

My idea of a successful relationship is when my client feels confident in the next phase of life. I help them take a thoughtful approach to their wealth, so they have a feeling of fulfillment, fiscal responsibility, and a comfortable quality of life.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

My clients have an appreciation for life, understand their purpose, and how they impact the environment they live in. These individuals are typically viewed as leaders in their respective fields with elevated levels of self-awareness, high standards of achievement, a desire for self-improvement, and a genuine sense of gratitude for the serendipitous sequence of events that afforded them success by conventional measures. 

My clients typically have an innate sense of a moral obligation to help pay it forward for others. They are often first-generation wealth creators. However, they remain well-grounded and take a macro viewpoint on situations while inviting thoughtful disagreement to help bring discussions into perspective. I encourage my clients to be unique, avoid herd mentality, and to discover what makes them different, especially among business owners, executives, and athletes.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

My path to Bernstein involved a variety of factors that I feel are important for my clients and my Bernstein team. I place a high value on being in an environment that is innovative, creative, and reflects the values of a meritocracy. I perform best in an environment that embodies accountability, competitiveness, and camaraderie among its members. This is critical for refining the skills necessary to remain relevant for tomorrow. 

I have been on a lot of high-performing teams and the adage “iron sharpens iron” rings true if you want to perform at a high level. Bernstein exemplifies all these elements when it comes to high performance and talent.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I am a lifelong learner and problem solver. 

I love traveling abroad to experience different societies and acquire an appreciation for their culture, art, food, and life. From hiking tough trails to practicing Spanish, I enjoy reaching for new heights both figuratively and metaphorically.

Additionally, I am passionate about giving back to my community. I draw on my life experiences to help address issues I see in the community, especially those centered around children, education, poverty alleviation, and sports. I serve on the board of directors of the Columbus State Community College Foundation which provides resources to advance student educational opportunities. I also have created an endowed scholarship to assist six students a year with tuition, books, and fees for first-generation college students. In addition, I also contribute to the development of the Culinary Arts College. 

I am an advocate for planting trees whose shade I will never sit in.