Director, Foundation and Institutional Advisory

Emma Pastore

My Daily Goal Is to Constantly Learn and Grow

In addition to my daily responsibilities in partnering with tax-exempt institutions, I thoroughly enjoy managing our team members, developing talent, and partnering closely with multiple teams to elevate the support and services we offer our clients. I enjoy being involved in multiple projects and initiatives as I’m always striving to deepen my own capabilities, which allows me to better serve our clients and in turn the communities they serve.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

After graduating college, I made a commitment to join a firm with an ongoing training program and clear focus on continued employee development. Once my search began, Bernstein became the obvious choice. The firm has an unwavering focus and dedication to the education and development of its staff through hands-on, customized, consistent training. This commitment is unlike anything I’ve heard of in our industry.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

I’ve stayed at the firm because of its encouragement to use my specific skill sets to nurture, fine-tune and ignite my various passions. While I started as a Client Service Associate, I then spent a few years managing our Los Angeles office. During those years, I had the ability to take on additional roles and responsibilities beyond managing and developing our talented support staff. These myriad opportunities led me to my current position, where I engage with purpose-driven organizations to support them in fulfilling their mission and furthering their legacy. While working with organizations serving the community, I continue to grow as a professional every day while absorbing new ideas and knowledge.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I’m lucky to have the majority of my family here in Los Angeles with me, so much of my free time is spent with them. As a college athlete, being on the move is how I de-stress. I am constantly staying active, either playing sports or trying my hand at new workouts. My biggest passion outside of Bernstein is working with vulnerable youth. Currently, I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for foster youth in Los Angeles. I’m very grateful to also work closely with CASA of Los Angeles and share many of my Bernstein resources with them.