Lori Farley

I Lean on My Own Entrepreneurial Success to Advise

For several decades I’ve helped business owners, executives and high-net-worth individuals protect and grow their assets. Throughout that time, my unique skill set has been enhanced by my background in law and my own experiences as an entrepreneur.

What differentiates you from other advisors?

My advising style is unique in the respect that it’s strengthened by my law and entrepreneurship background. I help clients make the transition from business owners to investors, which requires substantial planning and precise execution. My team at large works to gain a successful exit of the business at best execution. I partner with clients to define their future goals and aspirations—and create a wealth management plan to ensure they meet them. Essentially, we work together to figure out what financial values match their personal belief system and create a framework to merge the two together. My clients’ success as business owners has led to substantial wealth for both them and their families. Along with those resources come increasingly complex questions that extend far beyond money management. Once they’ve executed on their entrepreneurial vision, I have the pleasure of realizing their visions for family legacy and preparing the next generation to be adequate wealth stewards.

Share one of your most memorable professional accomplishments with us.

Starting my own business from scratch, with a partner, was my greatest career achievement thus far. Together, my business partner and I followed our passion, created a product and found the right customers who resonated with our messaging. I am proud to say that we started a national revolution in terms of the way people think about nutrition. Looking back, we were extremely fortunate to be profitable from day one. We were also blessed to have great clients who doubled as referral sources, and opportune timing that eventually paved the way to a successful liquidity event. All in all, it was an incredible experience that gave me great insight into my current clients who have gone through, or will experience, similar situations.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

I work with clients who are currently going through a transition that will create a substantial liquidity event. Whether they are considering selling a business they founded themselves or doing the same with a company they inherited and grew over the generations, they have a lot to consider. Questions they frequently ask me are, “Will we be okay, financially, for the rest of our lives?” and, “What do we not know about the process of selling our business that we should be advised on?” It’s an honor to help them through the complicated, oftentimes overwhelming process I’ve gone through myself. Similar to someone going through a divorce or inheriting wealth, you want the right person by your side. To this point, I love creating a framework for my clients, using Bernstein’s quantitative analytics to help them identify their goals and establishing an investment plan to ensure they have the highest probability of meeting them—with the least amount of risk possible.