Evan Moretti

I learn from My Clients and They Learn from Me

In an industry where it can be hard to tell one advisor apart from the next, I differentiate myself by the quality of my advice. I enjoy giving to those who have the benefit of wealth but are saddled with the burden of complexities it often brings.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

For me, the decision to join Bernstein was based entirely on the people and culture of how we do things here. I’ve spent time at other firms, both big and small, and never felt like I was really making a difference with my clients. It was always about which product or service I was recommending versus taking care of people. The client was never really the focus, nor was I made to feel important by those firms. At Bernstein, I could tell right away that our work made a substantial impact on the quality of client’s lives. I have never felt disposable here but rather, appreciated for the hard work I put in every day. The people are the greatest asset at Bernstein as are the relationships, internally and externally, that are fostered through them. Everything comes back to prioritizing human beings at Bernstein because our firm’s leaders know that is what truly matters—versus making easy money or simply adding another client to the pile.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

My practice focuses on wealthy business owners, global families and foundations. The entrepreneurial clients own both big and small businesses. They are also business leaders within their communities. They are members of multigenerational families, both domestic and international. They sit on boards of meaningful nonprofits. They all are very different and each has their own complex needs, which I accommodate and cater to as their advisor. I am always learning from them and greatly enjoy working together.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

My wife and I both share a passion for the ocean and enjoy various activities involving the water. I love to scuba dive and see the extraordinary world underneath the ocean’s surface. Growing up, my family had a large saltwater fish tank in our living room. Now, as an adult, it is fascinating to see many of the fish we had in our tank in their natural habitat. My goal is to scuba dive in reefs around the world and eventually dive with sharks. For relaxation, you can find me listening to music, drinking bourbon and smoking a cigar.