Matthew Cabrey

Being There with You and for You

When overcoming barriers in my clients’ lives, I take the kitchen table approach: intentional listening, genuine empathy and thinking through issues, ideas and solutions together. Helping others, especially during transitions, is when I excel.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

The ability to support my clients alongside one of the most talented, experienced and ethical teams in the industry is the ideal combination I have found at Bernstein. Creating plans for how to tackle complex issues, empathizing with others and delivering advice is who I am. I’ve also refined these intrinsic skills throughout my career by truly listening to my clients’ needs and wants. Only when I hear them out can I assess the best guidance, connections and solutions for their situation. My passion for learning and helping others, combined with a diverse, dynamic background, allows me to build trust with my clients. Bernstein’s structure only brings me closer to them, and our complete team approach brings the best thinking of the firm to address each of my clients’ unique circumstances, allowing us to help identify and achieve their goals. Working with Bernstein, I feel as though I can serve my clients in ways that I have prepared for my entire life. 

What differentiates you from other advisors?

I provide individuals and their families with wealth planning and investment advice. It’s the executive dealing with a complex financial matter; the business owner and entrepreneur navigating financing issues, diversification needs or the sale of their operation; or the multigenerational family who are uncovering their values and goals. I bring empathy and my nuanced life experience to the table. As I come from a family of family businesses—both successes and failures—I have lived the consequences that every decision has on generations to come. These experiences helped me to recognize the importance of planning and proper advice and discussions around wealth and money. We didn’t talk about any of that around my own childhood kitchen table, which today motivates me to help my clients and their families. Reassuring my clients that they are not alone as they plan for the future or address a difficult issue is rewarding for me personally and professionally.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

In a word, my passion is people. Sure, I love cooking and creating an awesome charcuterie board, exploring new hiking trails, playing sand volleyball, riding my cruiser bicycle and trying to not embarrass myself on the golf course. But, it is the community—the people—that comes along with each of these activities that make them extra special. I also value making time to help others. Oftentimes I’ll serve as a sounding board for friends and family. I enjoy mentoring students or young professionals, supporting a friend’s special project or volunteering with charitable organizations. Each of these underscores my appreciation for people and life-long learning. It’s also how I connect with others in truly meaningful ways. When I am not out and about, I love to immerse myself in a good book, listen to podcasts and music—from Elvis and Carole King to the Violent Femmes and Taylor Swift—and be intentionally present with my wife and kids, my siblings and close friends..

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