Ryan DePaul

Advisor Headshot

Bernstein is my forever firm.

Through deep discovery, empathetic listening, rigorous wealth planning and bespoke investment solutions, I seek to make money meaningful for my clients and their families.

What inspired you to join to Bernstein?

When I first interviewed with Bernstein in 2012, I was in search of the firm where I would spend the duration of my career: my forever firm.

I had completed my graduate degree and spent three years in the insurance industry. I knew I wanted to be a Financial Advisor and was also ready for my next challenge. I wanted to be part of an organization that aligned with my professional aspirations as well as my moral compass. I was looking for a well-respected firm with a rich history, yet also one that was willing to adapt and innovate. Lastly, I was looking for a firm that would challenge my own status quo and elicit greatness.

As I reflect on my decision to join Bernstein eight years later, I can honestly say I found my forever firm: one that always remains true to its core values, while serving as an innovative thought-leader in a complex market environment.

What is most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to your clients?

As a trusted advisor, I seek to provide peace of mind and unbiased advice.

It is truly a privilege to partner with my clients and navigate a successful path through their financial journey together. At Bernstein, I am able to work with countless inspiring individuals. They have a diverse set of perspectives and a broad array of investment objectives. This includes private foundations implementing responsible investment strategies, corporate executives diversifying concentrated stock and multigenerational families empowering the next generation.

As a Certified Financial Planner™, I am certainly intrigued by the numbers and focused on the details. I partner with other trusted advisors to help them solve complex planning issues. However, I am mindful that wealth represents so much more than dollars and cents or stocks and bonds. Wealth is uniquely personal. Helping to uncover what wealth truly means to my clients and their loved ones is what I find most fulfilling.

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

My mom. As an only child, I certainly developed a wonderful bond with each of my parents but the connection I have with my mom is special.

As a new dad, I often look back on my childhood and think about the moments my mom and I shared and the life lessons she instilled in me. Growing up, my mom encouraged me to always be thoughtful and kind. She has been a family therapist for nearly 40 years and absolutely loves what she does. The work she has done and the difference she has made in her clients’ lives inspires me to be a better financial advisor. When partnering with my clients, I often pause and ponder the wisdom my mom has given me.
This simple moment of reflection allows me to release my agenda, actively listen to my clients, and deliver personalized advice with empathy and compassion.