Jason Okrent

Advisor Headshot

I Have an Outsized Impact on Clients’ Lives

My personal motto is, as Dr. Jonas Salk famously observed, “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.” I have the privilege to help people make sense of their lives, and when I do it right, I get the opportunity to help even more.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

After I interviewed at Bernstein, I reached out to a long-time client of the firm so I could learn more about it. This client explained that his decision to hire Bernstein was predicated on its research and reputation for market foresight. While those advantages remained consistent over time, they also became less important. His family came to value Bernstein for its advice, and how the team took care of his children and grandchildren.

The people at Bernstein are of the highest quality—genuine, smart and inclusive—and we have a unique culture of service. Our clients are some of the most talented people I’ve met. I’ve come to value their advice just as they value mine. We all form a true community and I cherish the bond.

Originally, I interviewed at Bernstein because of its reputation for research and market leadership. I joined because Bernstein allows me to advise clients with expertise, sound judgment and genuine care.

What are your areas of expertise in solving problems for clients?

My clients come from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds. Many are attracted to my practice for our unique ability to connect a client’s personal aspirations to advanced wealth strategies. Clients are also drawn to the deep, rigorous financial analysis we offer them.

Prior to Bernstein, I worked for a venture-backed financial technology company that had a reputation for cutting-edge problem solving, and I like to think I brought that with me to Bernstein.

I have specific expertise working with entrepreneurs, real estate owners, corporate executives and families with charitable intent. They each have problems that don’t lend themselves to back-of-the-envelope math. That’s where my team and I come in to assist, and hopefully excel on their behalf.

Of course, there are times when clients need someone who can help them solve problems off the page. I enjoy working with families to bridge the gap between multiple generations, build a legacy and perpetuate their values.

Which book had the most profound impact on you and why?

As a young boy, I struggled to enjoy reading. Reading was schoolwork. Reading was boring. My mom, knowing the educational value of reading, took an unconventional approach to my resistance. She gave me an adult content book called The Last Don by famed author Mario Puzo, who penned The Godfather.

I couldn’t put the story down. It unlocked my imagination.

My mom opened my eyes to the joy of reading. She did this by making it fun, meeting me at my level and breaking through my mental block at a critical moment in my development. I don’t think anyone would describe The Last Don as profound or impactful, but it put me on a journey to become a lifelong reader.

In my free time, I enjoy great works of history, nonfiction and science fiction too. Most importantly, reading is one of the ways I like to connect with people. There are few things more satisfying in life than sharing a good read with another person.