Patrick Bonanno

Family and relationships come first

In essence, my team and I ensure clients pre-experience their financial future. In coordination with my Family Engagement team, we facilitate conversations with clients to learn about their family values and how we can use dollars to support them.

What inspired you to join to Bernstein?

After working in asset management for ten years, I came to the conclusion that there are very few wealth management firms that actually prioritize client interests. Bernstein’s structural advantage as an investment manager allows us to focus solely on creating better client outcomes, minus the conflicts of interests that are prevalent throughout the finance industry. Immediately, I saw that this was a firm whose intentions were pure. At Bernstein, I saw there was the chance to help families connect with their wealth on a deeper level so that it would ultimately strengthen their family bonds and preserve their legacy. Additionally, Bernstein’s research, recognized throughout the investment community as industry-leading, has expanded into areas such as tax planning, estate planning, and most importantly, family engagement. The ability to have these groups as a part of my team is another reason I am able to connect clients, on a multitude of levels, to their wealth.

How have your values and personal background uniquely positioned you to work with your clients?

Family and relationships are what I value most in this world. My parents worked relentlessly over the course of 15 years to run a business and make it successful. Eventually, like many entrepreneurs, they decided to capitalize on their success and sell the business. Unfortunately, they didn’t plan for the next phase of their life, personally or financially, which came back to haunt them. This caused a lot of unnecessary stress and heartache for my family. I work with business owners throughout all stages of the business cycle. My motivation is for them to never repeat the same mistakes I witnessed my own family make. This is why I do everything in my power to ensure a solid plan is in place for my clients’ business, financial and personal lives.

If you didn’t work for Bernstein, what else would you be doing?

In a different life, I would have pursued a career as a college lacrosse coach. I am an athlete and competitive person by nature. I also enjoy helping people reach their full potential. I strongly believe some of the most significant lessons oftentimes arise while playing sports and, especially, while playing on a team. My high school and college sports coaches were incredibly influential in terms of my character development. I use my platform as an advisor to pass along the lessons I gleaned from them, particularly when I’m engaging with the younger generations of the families I advise.