Emily Lavery

Bringing Impactful Visions to Life

I collaborate with visionaries, community and business leaders, non-profits and trade associations, and entrepreneurs to build more impactful and secure futures for them and their families. What inspired you to join Bernstein?

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

When Bernstein offered me the opportunity to combine my background in tax policy and law with my passion for impactful investing and helping people, the choice was easy. I always knew I wanted a career that was fulfilling and that truly made a difference in the lives of others. Initially, this led me to earn my JD and build a successful career on Capitol Hill as a policy advisor for tax and economic policy. There, I saw the power of purpose-driven investing and grew close to a diverse community of individuals, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits passionate about the impact they were having on the world around them. Bernstein gave me the opportunity to step out of the policy world where I created tools to drive impact and into a universe where I now collaborate directly with these individuals to bring their visions to life. Helping people find purpose in their success and bring that to fruition is my dream job and I’m extremely fortunate to get to do that every day at Bernstein.

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

My passion for building a career focused on impact is absolutely a testament to my father. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, though it wasn’t always that way. My dad had worked his way up to becoming the VP of a successful company, but following the financial crash in 2008, he was suddenly a first-time entrepreneur starting over in the middle of his career, in the middle of a recession, and with three kids headed for college. He went on to build a successful family business that created hundreds of jobs and gave first chances to people who had been locked out of the American Dream for too long. From proactively hiring formerly incarcerated individuals to pulling the American Dream into reach for young foreign nationals, he made an impact in the most direct way he could, through skills-building and job creation. His passion for helping others and his pride in hard work are values I am so fortunate to have gained and I am thrilled to be carrying on that legacy in my own unique way with Bernstein.

How have your values and personal background uniquely positioned you to work with your clients?

My entire career has been about helping impactful individuals achieve their unique visions. Previously, I served as a trusted advisor on Capitol Hill to national leaders for tax, economic and fiscal policy decisions. I am able to provide my clients with a deep understanding of the geopolitical and capital markets landscape, insights into the fiscal policies that shape our economic experience, and serve as a partner that collaborates with them through whatever life may have in store. Through my law degree, I gained exposure to every area of the law, including those we can find ourselves lost in when challenging events impact us. Whether it’s planning for the sale of a business, maintaining an impactful foundation or addressing the challenges of family life, I know how overwhelming the legal and tax landscape can feel. My clients know that they are not alone in solving life’s problems and that they have a trusted advisor who is committed to their success for a lifetime.