Aisha Ali

I’m Committed to Understanding Your Journey and Crafting a Future Plan

“On the road of life, there are passengers and there are drivers. Drivers wanted.” The quotation above is an old VW tagline that I heard as a young girl, but it resonated then and still speaks to me now. As an advisor, I’m committed to working with my clients to discover what drives them and brings them joy. Personally, I am happiest when leaning hard into good ideas and fine-tuning a plan to make them work. My foundation is the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit: resilience and tenacity. I work with my clients to learn about what grounds them and their journey to create their unique financial plan.

What Inspired You to Join Bernstein?

When I was selling the business I built over eight years, I was inundated with choices. Each offer had value and drawbacks—an outright sale, retaining ownership through a transition period or creating a partnership. As I looked at my options, I worried about making the right choice. I was faced with questions I didn’t know how to answer. The pride I felt in creating a valued business became a concern that I would make a mistake. When I had the opportunity to join Bernstein, I saw a firm that was focused on identifying the best outcome for clients and working toward that goal. At Bernstein, I’m able to be a sounding board and provide financial advice to business owners—advice that I wished I had received. I enjoy providing modeling and analysis to remove some of the uncertainty around investing and looking at all of my clients’ financial options, which allows them to focus on what they do best: building and running businesses. 

How have your values and personal background uniquely positioned you to work with your clients?

I come to the conversation with a keen focus on understanding the bigger picture as well as the small details. I know that financial decisions aren’t made in a vacuum and there are many considerations to wealth beyond the numbers. As the daughter of a Pakistani immigrant, I recognize the sacrifices and investments that many have made to build their families and their businesses. With a strong focus on family dynamics, I engage with all stakeholders throughout the planning process. I work with these clients to ensure that they take steps to transfer not only their wealth, but also their values, to future generations. 

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I thrive in situations where I’m challenged to consider different perspectives and learn from those around me. It’s for these reasons that I’m passionate about travel and community involvement. When I travel, I am my best self because I’m not tied to a specific idea of what I should do. Instead, I stay present and focus on the moment. Similarly, when I work in my community, I learn from my peers and hear how people are looking to make their impact. Whether it be through my work with the American Cancer Society or the Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs group that helps young entrepreneurs, I’m always in awe of what can be done to better the world. This is the same feeling I have at Bernstein. My clients come from different life paths and it’s an honor to be invited to learn about their adventures, challenges, and journeys that have brought them to this point in time. Together, we work to craft a financial plan that addresses their concerns and goals and speaks to their individual lives. 

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