Christine Vergari

Advising Clients Through Experience

My experiences in both the institutional and private wealth sectors, as well as academia, provided me with a multidimensional perspective. I have the insight to look at clients’ portfolios from a micro and macro level.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

I joined Bernstein for many reasons, but three stand out the most. First, the values of the firm and the people from coordinators to advisors and investment strategists. Every team member works toward a singular goal, which is achieving our clients’ long-term personal and financial goals and objectives. Second, it’s our client relationships. At Bernstein, we genuinely listen to our clients. We make sure that we have a deep understanding of their needs, wants, fears and aspirations before providing any advice. Third, it’s the supportive and team-based culture at Bernstein. My clients have many resources beyond myself, which is a specialty of the firm. A team of experts works closely with each client to provide a comprehensive financial solution, specifically customized to their needs and aspirations. In summary, I came to Bernstein because we bring the highest caliber of people together, all working toward one goal, to provide the very best for each and every client.

What differentiates you from other advisors?

My unique financial background and problem-solving experience set me apart from other advisors. The bulk of my career is in finance working for large banks and global boutique firms. During my tenure, I have advised large institutions, trading desks and wealth advisors. The goal is to empower my clients to make more informed decisions. I also spent five years working as a consultant in academia for two distinguished universities. During this period, I worked with organizations and business owners to help them identify areas of growth opportunity, create solutions and close gaps. My financial acumen, people skills and problem solving ability is how I help clients think outside the box.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I have been truly blessed with some amazing leaders in my professional career, particularly women leaders and mentors. It is in large part to these strong, amazing women that I am where I am today.
Through my work with organizations such as the University of Miami and their Women in Leadership Initiative, and many other women-focused foundations and committees, I hope to empower women to continue to break through those glass ceilings and achieve their professional goals and aspirations.

“Women accomplish amazing things when we support each other. When a woman helps another woman, they both benefit. And when women celebrate one another’s accomplishments, we’re all lifted up. Together women can do more, go further, and change the world. Let’s #LeanInTogether.” —Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg

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