Thomas Pinckney

Client Relationships with Substance

When one accumulates wealth, they need to understand their long-term goals and how to achieve them. I take the time to build genuine client relationships that will last for many years and pride myself on staying flexible and growing with clients.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

After nearly a decade in investment banking, I opted to leave New York City as well as the field. I wanted to spend more time developing client relationships, with substance, and help others navigate difficult situations—rather than always being on the lookout for the next deal. After speaking with (almost) all the other private wealth management firms out there, Bernstein was the only one that delivered the message I wanted to hear. At Bernstein, everyone has the same objective: creating better outcomes for our clients. The way we operate allows us to continually build our client relationships and grow with the people we serve through different stages of life. The depth and breadth of our services allow us to be flexible and meet clients wherever they are. I feel lucky to have found Bernstein, since I know from meeting with all of those other firms how rare this is.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to your clients?

Without a doubt, the personal friendships and relationships I build with my clients are irreplaceable, and the most fulfilling aspect of my job. While the initial connection is usually centered around assets, I am fortunate to work with clients who share common values and interests. As we work together, and bond over our similar principles, a more robust relationship inevitably emerges. While the financial well-being of my clients is paramount to our relationship, personal details about their lives are equally as important. This could come in the form of talking about the birth of their grandchild, the addition of a new pet or how their favorite sports team is faring. I am willing to talk about whatever means the most to them on that specific day. Having deeper, more open conversations with my clients helps me to understand what matters most to them. These dialogues lay the foundation for improved financial outcomes and a more meaningful partnership.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

Outside of work, raising two young children is certainly the focal point of my life. As every parent knows, prioritizing your children creates cherished memories, and sometimes, ones you might want to quickly forget! In addition, my wife and I devote time to initiatives oriented towards underprivileged youth, which we have both done from a young age. We recognize that every child isn’t granted the same benefits as our own and therefore, want to help however we can. The local organizations that we volunteer with support different causes, such as providing financial literacy to children who otherwise would not be exposed to it, and a physical rehabilitation center for youth. When our own children are old enough, the hope is that they too learn to give back to their respective communities. We want to raise altruistic children who think outside of themselves.