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Responsible Investors

Responsible Investors Should Focus on ESG “Offenders”

Investing in companies that have favorable ratings on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues has become increasingly popular. But investors might do better targeting companies with poor ESG ratings and a clear commitment to mend their ways.

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Equity Market Sell-Off

Looking Beyond the Equity Market Sell-Off

The intensifying global equity sell-off this week has rattled many investors. More turbulence can be expected in the short term, but the recent volatility isn’t particularly extreme in historical perspective, and long-term market fundamentals still look solid

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Global Growth

3Q18 Update

After a period of synchronized global growth, the US economy has accelerated this year while non-US markets have slowed.

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A seat at the table

A Seat at the Table

Research shows that female investors share some universal concerns and preferences for a gender-aware, personalized approach. Our inclusive, client-focused culture makes us a natural choice to take up this mantle.

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