CowParade 2021

Bernstein Private Wealth Management is proud to sponsor E Pluribus Unum by Yannick Lowery.

E Pluribus Unum

To help celebrate the 100th CowParade in New York, the public art event sponsored by God’s Love We Deliver, Bernstein Private Wealth Management, a unit of AllianceBernstein, commissioned visual artist Yannick Lowery to create a new sculpture that reflects our dedication to the brilliant variety of people, cultures, and experiences that represent our community and our collective goal to ensure they thrive. Yannick’s E Pluribus Unum is adorned with thousands of individual pieces of glitter that seem to both shine from within and reflect light. E Pluribus Unum beautifully brings to life the stories of each of the thousands of individuals and families that Bernstein represents as well as the changing mosaic of wealth. 

"E Pluribus Unum can be translated from Latin as ‘one from many’ or ‘from many, comes one’,” said Yannick. “My experience working with collage has conditioned my eye to see things in layers or collective pieces of a whole. When learning of the values at Bernstein and their vision of community development and wealth-building, I thought about all of the shining individuals working together to build a brighter future. E Pluribus Unum represents those individuals and their collective efforts to move forward, together.”

Meet the artist

Yannick Lowery is a native of New York City and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. Claiming both cities as cultural and creative influences, he cites the rich diversity of their visual art histories as fuel for his own practice. Yannick attended The Atlanta College of Art (now SCAD) and Columbia College in Chicago, where he studied sculpture and graphic design, respectively. Yannick describes his current work as being activated by societal justice/injustice, materiality, and visions of alternate futures.

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