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In a world where most investment managers look alike, Bernstein Private Wealth Management is a firm like no other. We are investors, not intermediaries or middlemen, working directly with clients to solve today’s wealth and investment strategy challenges. We are innovators, continuously pushing the boundaries of investing while minimizing costs and taxes. We are advisors, whose global reach and more than 50 years of service give us exceptional insights into the goals, questions, and aspirations of private clients. We are in the business of money management, but what we do is Make Money Meaningful.

For our entire 50-year history we have derived 100% of our business economics from investment research and management. Our focus and commitment to research excellence are some of the keys to our longevity. The hundreds of analysts that we employ—along with their tenure in the industry and at AB—stand as a testament to that commitment today.

Existing solely as an investment manager (and not a bank, insurance company, or brokerage operation) affords us the independence and financial strength to operate in our clients’ best interests through all cycles. Unlike most competitors of similar size, we don’t engage in proprietary trading or leverage our balance sheet to drive profit for the firm. We are a business that is uniquely aligned with our clients, offering them incomparable peace of mind.