How To Find A Wealth Advisor

Are you looking for a wealth advisor?

How to find a wealth advisor

When considering how to find a wealth management advisor, think of all the ways in which the right advisor could positively impact every facet of your life and the lives of your heirs. For over 50 years, Bernstein Private Wealth Management has shown a steadfast commitment to innovation and growth by providing investment solutions that meet the complex and dynamic needs of their clients. Trustworthiness and personal integrity that is beyond reproach are the hallmarks of a Bernstein advisor. Our advisors have largely oriented their practice around their passions. They also offer proven ability to build and maintain relationships with attorneys, accountants, and business advisors.

The company you keep

What separates a good advisor from a great advisor? Ideally, to find a wealth advisor look for someone who shares your passions and stands ready to meet you where you are. A great advisor’s empathy is driven by a commanding knowledge of the market and a curiosity for the unseen factors influencing today’s investment backdrop. At Bernstein, our advisors come from backgrounds as varied as our clients. They are experienced in navigating the complex problems that come with great wealth.

Every advisor completes an immersive training program facilitated by the brightest minds at Bernstein including portfolio managers, wealth strategists, top senior advisors, and senior management. Bernstein offers an ever-expanding range of services to wealth creators such as entrepreneurs, corporate executives, athletes and entertainers, and practice owners.  And Bernstein wealth advisors are at the heart of all of these long-term relationships.

What's on the horizon?

Bernstein recognizes that an advisor’s job is seldom just about making sound investments. To find a wealth management advisor, ask yourself if the prospective candidate will offer a roadmap that might be taken in the future.  A great wealth advisor asks the right questions at the right time: What are your life goals? What is the legacy that you want to leave to your heirs? What are your dreams beyond the investments you make today? Opportunities and challenges are met head on with clarity and confidence.  Bernstein advisors excel at understanding and illuminating the intricacies of estate planning, trust services, tax planning, living wills, credit and loan management, and charitable investments.  

Finding the source

When searching for a wealth advisor, also consider the sources of their research. Does your advisor provide full transparency so you can be sure your choices are based on what’s right for you, not what will benefit the investment company? Bernstein’s reputation for expert research is the gold standard of the industry and is continuously cultivated by our advisors, instantly connecting their clients to like-minded investors around the globe who are impacting the future. Fiduciary responsibility, transparent strategies, and personal attention are all hallmarks of a sound and invaluable financial advisor. Bernstein financial advisors are registered investment advisors (RIA), and by law must always put a client’s interest first. 

Expertise, imagination, and integrity

Bernstein offers a caring culture for our colleagues, our clients, and our communities. By offering our financial advisors our commitment to their lifelong personal and professional growth, Bernstein financial advisors feel emotionally invested in the welfare of their clients. When asking yourself, “How do I find a wealth advisor?”, look for a professional who shares your commitment to the communities you care about. Seek a firm where new ideas are encouraged and acted upon, where imagination and innovation are foundational. Your advisor should be ready to build on your expertise and experience, and seamlessly integrate into your life as both confidant and navigator. Integrity in both business and personal relationships must go hand in hand. Your future depends on it.

Key Questions

At Bernstein, we’re always ready to listen. That’s why we’ve prepared a checklist to help you find a wealth management advisor.  Go here to learn more about how we can help you take that crucial first step towards finding a wealth advisor that’s right for you.