Wealth Management for Business Owners

Whether you’re eyeing the exit or have just launched, we are fully committed to your financial success at every stage.

How will you leave your mark on the world?

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End-to-End Services

We engage business owners throughout their company’s lifecycle. Initially, our contribution might take the form of intellectual capital or relationships with other business owners. Over time, many come to view us as one of the most trusted advisors providing wealth management to entrepreneurs.

Featured Content

Experts in pre- and post-transaction planning highlight ways Bernstein helps exiting business owners maximize value—including savvy tax-saving strategies.


Strategic use of the PTE Tax in structuring a business sale can minimize SALT deduction limits and facilitate a successful deal.

Looking to launch your dream business? Discover the pitfalls—and potential—of using retirement assets to fund it.

Proactive Support

We publish blogs and podcasts on wealth management for business owners. These resources can help you learn from our dedicated experts, along with others who’ve traveled a similar path.

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Make an Impact

When it comes to wealth management for business owners, most of our entrepreneurial clients have philanthropic tendencies. So we help business owners think through their giving options.

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Do you want to pursue purpose and profits?

Philanthropy is one way to foster social change, but investing responsibly can make a difference too. You don’t have to choose between doing well and doing good. With responsible investing, you can do both.

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Turn-Key Retirement Solutions

Defined contribution plans are key to addressing retirement readiness—and the stakes for employers have never been higher.

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Savvy Exit Strategies

Prioritizing what truly matters in wealth management for business owners is vital when contemplating an exit strategy.

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Clear Succession Planning

Your heirs will have a greater stake in the success you pass down if they grasp the story behind it.

Transformative Threat or Opportunity?

Competitive forces are rocking industry after industry, creating opportunities for incumbents and new entrants alike. We provide intellectual capital around wealth management for business owners to help you secure an information edge.

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Proactive Tax Planning

To make the most of a sale, our Wealth Strategists​ can help identify the most effective ideas for legacy,​ philanthropic, and tax planning. Often, we find that the most valuable positioning strategies in wealth management for business owners are those taken well before a sale is even contemplated.

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