Fulfilling Your Mission

Bernstein Foundation & Institutional Advisory is here so you can focus on what's most important—Your Mission.

Your fiduciary partner

For over 55 years, nonprofits, foundations and their Boards of Directors have relied on Bernstein for holistic investment management and customized planning. Our extensive experience focuses on furthering your mission in a manner consistent with the legacy, vision, and values of your organization.​

Reach out to our Foundation and Institutional Advisory Team—a dedicated group of philanthropic sector experts who spend 100% of their time supporting mission-driven causes, organizations, and private foundations.

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Empowering you to succeed

We publish blogs and a podcast specifically tailored to nonprofits and foundations. These resources can help drive your mission forward with expert guidance on investing, governance, development, and more. You can count on Bernstein for all of your nonprofit investment management and foundation wealth management needs.

Featured Content

Are workforce shortages holding your organization back? By enhancing your retirement plan to include a robust financial wellness program, nonprofits can compete for top talent without breaking the bank.

For the first time in years, small and medium-sized institutions outperformed their larger peers. Here’s how smaller organizations can capitalize on their recent success.

Is your IPS overdue for a check-up? Here are the common signs it’s time for an update—and a second opinion.

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A partner for all​

We serve nonprofits, foundations, and other impact-focused entities of all types and sizes.

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Types of organizations we serve:

  • Faith-based​
  • Educational​
  • International​
  • Governmental​
  • Associations
  • Healthcare and Human Services
  • Environmental and Animal​
  • Arts, Culture, and Humanities
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Working with private foundations

We understand that private foundations have distinct priorities. That’s why we act as your professional partner—meeting you at any point on your philanthropic journey. We’ll work with you to bring your mission to life, and continually deliver on it in service to the broader community.​

​Looking to create a lasting impact on the community and an enduring philanthropic legacy? It starts with the values and causes you care about. By aligning your investments with your mission, collaborating with our philanthropic partners, and uniting under a shared vision, together we can accomplish what is important to you. Partner with Bernstein for all of your foundation wealth management needs.

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When the family foundation evolves

What happens when the family foundation makes it to the third generation? Philanthropist Derek Jernstedt joins Bernstein’s Clare Golla to discuss how his family foundation has branched out from its original mission and structure in multiple ways. He talks through the evolution, and how it impacts their grantmaking today. If you’ve ever wondered, “What are other foundations and donors doing?” this episode of Bernstein’s Inspired Investing podcast episode is for you.

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For Boards & Investment Committees

Key questions to ask to ensure you're paired with the optimal team for nonprofit investment services.

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Asset Allocation

Tips on building a durable strategic allocation tailored to your organization’s needs. 

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Donor Outreach

Leverage insights we’ve gained from working with high-net-worth clients who are charitably inclined. 

Our latest market perspective

Each quarter, Senior Investment Strategist Maura Pape and National Managing Director Clare Golla share our view of the capital markets specifically for nonprofit and foundation decision makers. Watch this quick yet valuable summary of opportunities, potential pitfalls, and best practices for investment committees.

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Alternative investments

Can alternative investments provide a boost to mission-driven organizations? Potentially. Nonprofits have unique considerations when determining whether alternative investments fit their investment needs. We can help you determine whether they’re a good fit for your nonprofit investment management needs.

Mission-aligned support

Most nonprofits and foundations want a wealth manager that is like minded and mission aligned. Our culture engages people with different backgrounds, viewpoints and ways of thinking, bringing out the best in our firm—and for our clients. 

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Have you considered responsible investing?

Nonprofits and foundations are increasingly looking at their portfolios as additional capital that can be deployed in service to the community. When positioned effectively, these assets can work “behind the scenes” to further promote equality and societal well-being. 

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