Wealth Creators

Our clients have the benefit of substantial assets, but wrestle with the complexity of maintaining wealth.


Some money​ managers look to add value after a business is sold, but we​ believe in delivering proactive support right​ from the start. We engage business owners throughout their company’s lifecycle​ with tailored solutions to their most pivotal needs. 

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Corporate Executives

Many executives are so busy maximizing earnings for their public-company employers that they have little time to consider the best ways to manage their own compensation awards. We have the long-term experience and toolset to help you manage your awards with a high probability of maintaining wealth and securing your personal financial goals.

Athletes & Entertainers

Our work with Grammy, Tony, and Academy Award winners—as well as Pulitzer Prize playwrights—has taught us that entertainment and media professionals face distinct challenges. Whether you’re in front of the camera or behind the scenes, our Sports and Entertainment Group understands you because many of us come from the same industries. 

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How do we serve high achievers in the world of sports?

Our mission to make money meaningful particularly resonates with athletes, whose complex financial lives and deep passion for their craft define their lives and put them in the spotlight.​ 

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Practice Owners

As an owner of a professional practice, you control your work life—but have to contend with being a high income earner and maintaining wealth. We can help simplify your tax, retirement, and investment complexities. 

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