Reports Pursuant to SEC Rule 606

Disclosure of SEC-Required Order Execution Information and Routing Information Pursuant to SEC Rule 606

Pursuant to SEC Rule 606, the Bernstein Global Wealth Management group of Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC (“BGWM”) is required to make available for each calendar quarter a report of the routing of non-directed orders in securities covered under the rule. BGWM transmits all of its non-directed customer orders to Pershing, LLC for execution, and Pershing has full discretion to make the routing decisions concerning those orders.  As such, Pershing is in the best position to provide a report that reflects its routing practices for orders of BGWM’s clients.  Please refer to for such reports. BGWM does not receive any payments for order flow and pays Pershing, LLC $.10 per 100 shares with a per order minimum of $.50 and a maximum of $2.50.  No commission is charged to clients by BGWM for these orders.