Wealth Management Planning

Our modeling brings choices to life, allowing clients to visualize the likelihood of achieving their goals for lifelong spending, giving to charity, or transferring wealth over generations. 

We start with a sense of your goals and values...

Each of our clients has distinct aspirations for their wealth strategy. So we start by prioritizing what matters most to you.

...Then we simulate over 10,000 possible outcomes...

Working from your discrete set of circumstances, we simulate thousands of wealth management planning scenarios using our Bernstein Wealth Forecasting SystemSM

...To estimate your future wealth...

​​Ultimately, we come up with a range of wealth strategy outcomes that allow us to frame your core capital figure. This is the safe amount to set aside for preservation—versus surplus capital that can be managed for growth.

...and help you make better choices.

While there is no assurance the outcomes will come to pass, we help our clients quantify the potential of achieving their wealth management planning goals under evolving conditions.

A wealth strategy prioritizes your aspirations. An investment strategy executes your wealth strategy in the capital markets.

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A Cutting-Edge Approach to Complexity

We believe that uncovering your priorities—including your values and philanthropic goals—is fundamental to developing a successful legacy. But how do those priorities translate into strategies and structures for your wealth? Our forward-thinking research on intricate wealth management planning strategies, supported by sophisticated modeling, helps crystallize and quantify trade-offs.

We routinely produce wealth strategy blogs, articles, and whitepapers covering complex planning issues that are at the top of clients’ minds. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, corporate executive, UHNW family, or cross-border investor—or a trusted advisor who serves them—we’ll help you stay informed abreast of the latest techniques.

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