Changing the Trajectory

Find out how we’re changing the trajectory for multicultural investors, professionals, and their trusted advisors.

Meet the team

We are committed to providing access and opportunity to diverse and multicultural investors. That means proactively partnering with clients while tapping the wealth of our resources and expertise to address the unique questions of emerging wealth creators. ​

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A commitment to providing access

When it comes to multicultural wealth management, our goal is to address the unknowns. That means the experience, exposure, and education gaps that many first generation and emerging wealth creators face – offering an equitable pathway to access and opportunity

We meet multicultural investors where they are, offering access to a broad range of resources and an equitable approach to achieving deep discovery, financial freedom, and legacy planning.

Inclusion is a choice

We’ve seen the future—and it’s diverse. Each of us has a different lived experience, but we share a commitment to a fresh perspective on equity, advocacy, responsibility, and investing.

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Leading by example

We believe in proactive corporate citizenship that empowers our people and engages global communities for good.

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Fostering diverse perspectives

Diverse and inclusive teams generate better ideas and reach more balanced decisions. We believe that tapping into our employees’ unique backgrounds allows us to add more value for our clients.

A like-minded partner

We see our clients’ unique experiences, culture, and values as the fuel that drives them along a meaningful trajectory of wealth, influence, and impact. To ensure we’re aligned, we’ve made culture and values central to who we are—just as they are to our clients.

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Passion & purpose

We empower our clients in pursuit of social impact and advocacy through responsible and purpose-driven investing. 

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Lift as you climb

We’re always happy to help multicultural investors express their philanthropic values in their communities or with cherished causes. 

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Trust & connection

Our focus on diversity and inclusion creates an environment where our employees and clients can thrive, succeed, and find trust and connection.

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Featured Content

Athletes and entertainers bring something extra to the field of philanthropy. By leveraging their popularity, they can use their stature and cultural influence to make their impact exponentially larger.

A Black-owned athleisure brand that’s also a movement? Former athlete turned trailblazing entrepreneur, Lanny Smith, has created just that.

Companies that champion inclusive workplace environments have also outperformed.

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Let's be honest

The face and hue of wealth is changing, requiring outreach and multicultural wealth management to evolve, too. ​We believe in the power of honest and open communication and the important role it plays in developing trust with our clients and communities. That’s why we’re not afraid of courageous conversations.

​​Women & Wealth

Women are controlling more wealth than ever and embracing their economic potential. Explore our unique space for female investors to learn, grow, and come into their own.

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Bernstein's Foundation and Institutional Advisory Services enables you to focus on what's most important—Your Mission.

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