Purpose in Your Portfolio

You don’t have to choose between profits and purpose. You can pursue both.

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Responsible US Equities 2020 Annual Report

ReUSE’s key strength is a commitment to measurable improvement in responsibility by providing specific metrics for ESG performance.

Climate Change and Mega Disasters Are Reshaping the Investment Landscape

An all-star panel looks at the pandemic through the lens of preparedness, along with our susceptibility to other mega-disasters.

How Can You Spot a Great Board?

Prevailing wisdom suggests that companies with good corporate governance practices perform better financially and generate stronger returns. But how can you measure the effectiveness of a board?

Pursue Positive Change

Responsible investing has come a long way—and society seems better for it. Why should you care about investing responsibly…and what’s the best approach? 

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Getting Started

Whether you are an individual investor, the manager of an endowment, or a member of an investment committee seeking to steward the resources of a nonprofit organization, there are several fundamental questions and issues to consider as you look to implement responsible investing in your portfolio.

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Purpose Driven Investing

There is growing demand for investments that align with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. We can help you build a portfolio that contemplates societal outcomes, as well as focusing​ on risk and return.

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Learn how your investments can make a difference. 

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Hear directly from experts on purpose-driven investing topics.



Browse the gallery and navigate responsible investing nuances.

Climate Science Collaboration

AB and Columbia University’s Earth Institute, home of the world-renowned Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, have collaborated to create a first-of-its-kind climate change and impact investment curriculum, “Climate Science and Portfolio Risk.” Designed by AB investment professionals and top Lamont-Doherty research professors, it fills a major industry need for asset managers to dig deeper into the complex issues around climate change and its impact on economic and financial outcomes.

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Engagement is Part of Investing

When it’s done right, engagement can help promote important changes in corporate behavior and enhance shareholder returns. Last year, AllianceBernstein (AB) analysts around the world met with companies more than 100 times on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues alone. We’ve used our voice to suggest that companies refresh an entrenched board, rein in overly generous compensation packages, and create environmentally and socially responsible supply chains.

Innovative ESG Research

Third-party reports provide a helpful starting point for ESG analysis, but they’re not enough. That’s why we developed ESIGHT, a digital platform where all AB investment teams can access and add proprietary information about corporate ESG practices in real-time.


What does a commitment to responsible investing look like?

We pursue responsibility at all levels of the firm—from how we work and act to the solutions we deliver to clients.

Our Offices

Our team of advisors in 20 cities are ready and able to help you wherever you are. 

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