Family Office Wealth Management Services

No two families are alike, but when it comes to family office wealth management they tend to turn to us for some common themes. 

How can you ensure your legacy lives on?

Exceptional opportunistic investment ideas

As part of our family office wealth management services, we offer a range of unconventional strategies designed to leverage our research platform. These opportunistic services aim to capitalize on market stress while delivering an illiquidity premium. 

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​How do you size your allocation to alternative investments?

Family offices need ongoing liquidity—whether for an operating business, private equity capital calls, or to meet family expenses. Yet most asset allocation models fail to address cash flow when sizing an allocation to illiquid alternative investments.

Bernstein’s Alternatives Impact Analysis helps astute capital allocators make nuanced decisions across the entire spectrum of investment choices.

State-of-the-art modeling and tailored tax strategies

Whether you’re assessing your philanthropic capacity, looking to efficiently transfer wealth, or investing with after-tax returns in mind, our advanced modeling delivers the clarity you need. 

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We understand: It's complicated

To meet their family office wealth management needs, many discerning investors turn to us for help making wealth decisions that reflect their values. Our family office clients gain a dedicated partner with exceptional vision and depth of knowledge—one who can help transform complexity into clarity while helping transfer wealth-related values.​

We’ll help maximize the family’s monumental achievements. All while meeting the unique challenges that come with a lifetime of success.

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Investing Responsibly

Most families have values they hold dear. Now you can ensure your investments reflect them. Our purpose-driven strategies help your portfolio answer to a higher calling. 

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Preparing future leaders

Thoughtful estate plans help families distribute wealth. Shouldn’t there be an equivalent road map for transferring knowledge and values? Our family office wealth management services help families explore the success behind the numbers. 

Addressing cross-border complexity

Simplify complex planning challenges with holistic, integrated advice and fees for multiple family members, regardless of geography or platform. 

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Our insights

The year 2021 was a strong one for Responsibility at AB. We’ve made great progress and recognize that there is still more to do.

What’s the key to safeguarding unity, prosperity, and legacy as a family’s makeup changes? Establishing structures guided by shared family values to help mitigate conflict when relationships become strained. 

Certain strategies tend to thrive—even in the face of higher rates. Their “all-weather” nature makes them versatile parts of many estate plans.