Family Office Wealth Management Services

No two families are alike, but when it comes to family office wealth management, they tend to turn to us for some common themes. 


A strong foundation for future generations

We understand that wealth is more than just numbers on a balance sheet. That's why our proven approach puts values first. Our experienced professionals start by uncovering what matters most to those who come to us for family office wealth management needs.

Through facilitated conversations and family meetings, our specialists help develop strategic plans that incorporate key findings into family governance, business succession, educational programs, and wealth strategies.

We believe leading with values is the best way to help families achieve their goals and leave a lasting legacy.

Priorities and values that drive results

We don't just pay lip service to your priorities and values—we use them to inform our cutting-edge modeling and personalized tax strategies. By understanding what truly matters to your family, we can keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to wealth structuring, tax minimization, and governance strategies. Our goal is to help you maximize hard-earned success while staying true to your values.

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Plan for the next chapter now

Are you facing a critical juncture in your family's journey? Whether it's the sale of a family-owned business, multi-generational handovers, or the establishment or dissolution of a family office, we understand the challenges that come with these transitions. As the trusted firm for families in transition, we can help you navigate these inflection points with intention and thoughtfulness. Let us guide you towards the next chapter of your family's story.


Giving strategically

Whether you’re just starting your philanthropic journey or already have an established plan, we can guide you through your choices and help you build a charitable-giving strategy that best fulfills your mission.

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Preparing future leaders

Thoughtful estate plans help families distribute wealth. Shouldn’t there be an equivalent road map for transferring knowledge and values? Our family office wealth management services help families explore the success behind the numbers. 

Exceptional opportunistic investment ideas

As part of our family office wealth management services, we offer a range of unconventional strategies designed to leverage our research platform. These opportunistic services aim to capitalize on market stress while delivering an illiquidity premium. 

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​How do you size your allocation to alternative investments?

Family offices need ongoing liquidity—whether for an operating business, private equity capital calls, or to meet family expenses. Yet most asset allocation models fail to address cash flow when sizing an allocation to illiquid alternative investments.

Bernstein’s Alternatives Impact Analysis helps astute capital allocators make nuanced decisions across the entire spectrum of investment choices.

Our insights

By embracing governance in a family office, families can safeguard their legacy and ensure successful wealth transfer strategies for generations to come.

How does your family make decisions about wealth? A common thread among families that successfully deploy their wealth to reinforce a shared purpose and vision—strong governance. 

How can families find common ground, and write the script together for responsible investing? Shelly Meerovitch lays out practical steps in a recently published article in the International Family Offices Journal. 

Addressing cross-border complexity

Simplify complex planning challenges with holistic, integrated advice and fees for multiple family members, regardless of geography or platform. 

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