The Role of the Advisor

Financial advisors connect to our firm’s vast planning and​ global investing expertise, in a way that’s unique to each client. 

The opportunity

Investing today is tough—there’s no rising tide to lift all boats, so aligning investment goals and processes is more important than ever. That’s what our financial advisors do. And since many clients come to us after liquidity or other life events, you could say we’re really in the business of making money meaningful.

Our advisors also work with clients who are focused on narrower goals, and provide stand-alone services targeted to meet objectives. These Alternatives and Focused Equities offer access to exceptional thematic and opportunistic investment ideas uncovered by our in-depth global research in both public and private markets. 

Our Market-Leading Training Program

The firm’s culture is deeply rooted in lifelong learning and never settling for the status quo. Because our hiring profile is unique among our industry peers, we strive to recruit top decile professionals and provide them with best-in-class training. Every new advisor must complete our immersive 13-week training program, which is designed to cover critical areas and provide the knowledge and skills necessary to build a foundation for success. 

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Fully invested in the success of every advisor

Our new advisor training program is facilitated by portfolio managers, wealth strategists, economists, and senior management to ensure advisors​ launch from training with key skills and a deep understanding of​ our unique value proposition. 

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The ideal candidate

Our most successful advisors have largely oriented their practice around their passions—such as working with entrepreneurs and business owners, nonprofit organizations, professional athletes, global families, artists, and collectors. 

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Ingredients for Success

  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • High emotional quotient ("EQ")
  • Grit, determination, and drive for success
  • Communication skills
  • Spirit of generosity
  • Structure and discipline

If personal development, upward mobility, and a chance to solve real problems for real people excites you, find out if you’d be a good fit.

​​Become an advisor

Our advisors are part of clients’ innermost circle. They serve as financial confidantes, while helping solve real world challenges.​ 

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Solve real problems for real people

Bernstein advisors help clients navigate complex investment and planning decisions, while growing an advisory practice with the support of our extensive resources. 

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