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Daniel Miller

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Dealing with Details so You Can Do What You Want

For almost a decade I advised billion-dollar institutions and honed my specialty in pensions, endowments and Fortune 500 companies. I’m excited to bring my financial acumen and foster high-touch relationships with business owners and their families.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

My AP Economics teacher sparked my career in finance when he facilitated a meet-and-greet with a group of wealth managers. Spending time with the most sophisticated asset owners in the world in my previous role fortified my enthusiasm for this work.When I was ready to make a change, interfacing with clients was top of mind. As someone who enjoys building meaningful relationships, it’s thrilling to think that I will be able to help my clients for many decades to come. I aspire to be the person they call when considering any financial decision, large or small. Bernstein’s structure makes this possible. Every advisor is encouraged and expected to use our limitless resources so we can focus entirely on our clients. Being able to call in our global resources at a moments’ notice is what makes the client experience different and highly beneficial. Bernstein has two unwavering pillars: world-class investment resources and boutique service built to bring the entire firm to every client.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

I enjoy giving to my clients, whether it takes the shape of strategy, setting up a golf outing or expanding their network. Advising combines my two passions: people and investments. I genuinely enjoy being entrenched in my clients’ lives. As someone who has always been fascinated by how businesses are formed, grown and acquire value over time, I’m thrilled to work with a diverse group of entrepreneurs. Even better is getting to know the professionals that surround them through transitions, planning and family engagement. By developing rapport with their attorneys, CPAs and other professionals, I achieve a 360-degree perspective of clients. Fortunately, the common thread across my client base is a desire to have an engaging relationship with their advisor. The business owners that I work with tend to spend time with me outside of the office with their family and friends. By broadening the scope of a traditional advisor-client relationship, they receive advice and someone to lean on.

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

That’s easy, my Dad. After losing Mom at a young age, he worked incredibly hard to make sure nothing got in between me and a successful future. He sacrificed tremendously and his story continues to drive me to remove roadblocks for those I advise. My soft spot for business owners certainly stems from the fact that Dad was a sole proprietor. Like most business owners, running a business and caring for your family doesn’t leave much time for intricate planning. I wish there had been someone to build a roadmap. Instead of thinking about the future, he was constantly having to overcome the roadblocks before him. Still, that experience led me to become an advisor and wanting to help my clients be more efficient. Dealing with the odds and ends they don’t have time to deal with energizes me to go to bat for them every day. Removing roadblocks for others is my way of repaying my dad. He stopped at nothing to provide a great life for his son just as many of my clients do for their family.