Franco La Marca

Advisor Headshot

My Plans Are Forces of Change

As the son of Italian immigrants, I am the product of the American Dream. In childhood, I saw my father navigate the complexities of being a small business owner and the challenges of building wealth. Witnessing his life spurred my advising career.

What’s the best way for people to put their wealth in perspective?

Investing is a powerful force for change. Still, before making any recommendations, it’s critical that I help clients articulate what their wealth means to them. Or, in other words, what impact do they want to make on their community, family and future generations? Every one of my clients has a unique story behind their wealth—and equally distinct plans for their future. Today, I align clients’ personal values with proper investment strategies to assist with causes like the fight against climate change, the promotion of diversity, elevating underserved communities, and establishing good working conditions for all. These are missions that are dear to them and to me. By acquiring an in-depth understanding of perspectives and personal values, I am able to tailor a financial plan for each client. When all goes according to plan, it is the perfect mix of wealth accumulation, philanthropy, and legacy. The plan also generates change and a positive societal impact.

What kind of experience do you offer to your clients?

Quite often, my clients ask, “What am I missing?” In response to this question, I take a boardroom approach. This means that I bring in the right experts and resources for each client, and tackle any complex issues that may currently be puzzling them. I also leverage internal colleagues, whose specializations are in liquidity events, such as the sale of a family business, a high-net-worth divorce, or gifting to nonprofits. In any decision that my clients face, they can rest assured and have the utmost confidence knowing that I sought out the best experts possible. By sitting side-by-side at the table with those experts, we are able to generate ideas to holistically solve any matter at hand.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

Away from the office, I spend my time giving back to the community, which is truly where my heart is. I sit on the Board of Directors at Center on Halsted, located in Chicago, Illinois, and the Midwest’s largest LGBTQ community center. At Center on Halsted, I contribute by driving programming for senior citizens, homeless youth, and the advancement of civil rights for all. Over the years, I have also chaired numerous charity events benefiting the performing arts, social services, and at-risk youth. For my philanthropic work, Chicago Social Magazine awarded me their Chicago Power Player award. Most recently, Crain‘s Chicago Business, a weekly business newspaper, recognized me as one of Chicago’s Notable LGBTQ Executives. It was an honor to be acknowledged by both. When I am not indulging my desire to make the world a better place, I enjoy a different kind of pleasure: enjoying food, wine, travel, and exploring Chicago with my partner.