Greg Miller

Advisor Headshot

Clients Give Me My Best Ideas

Understanding my clients’ family values, how they were developed, and what they would like passed to the next generation(s) is most important to me. I do whatever it takes to develop a genuine bond and comprehension of what my clients care about.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

My colleagues introduced me to discretionary wealth management while I was working as an investment banker in New York City. They knew that my singular professional objective was to build relationships and add value to people’s lives. This wasn’t something I was able to do as an investment banker. So, my colleagues recommended that I give wealth management a shot and more importantly, look for a position at Bernstein. As they explained to me, Bernstein is the zenith of the wealth management industry. The advisor role at Bernstein is uniquely designed to work collaboratively with other professionals. By partnering with accountants, estate planners, transactional attorneys and investment bankers, I achieve clients’ financial objectives. Through wealth management, and my career at Bernstein, I’ve been able to leverage my background, touch people’s lives and meet wonderful people with incredible stories.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to your clients?

I am in professional nirvana when advising clients on issues beyond simple investment portfolio management. Measurable wealth generally results in significant stress and unforeseeable problems, especially in one’s personal life. While I certainly take care of the assets on my clients’ balance sheets, I also care about their relationships as well and am always here to talk and listen. When my clients call to discuss softer issues, I know that I have crossed the rubicon into their inner circle. Said another way, I define my advising success as more than simply making money for clients. My own riches are determined by how much and how often I am able to be there for my clients on a human level.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

Family is everything to me. Outside of work, I devote all of my free time to my wife Julie and my two daughters. They motivate me to be a better person every single day. Golf, tennis and paddle tennis are sports that fulfill my competitive and athletic spirit. Many years have gone by since I was on the University of Wisconsin men’s tennis team. While the speed of my serve and most of my skills are not what they once were, the desire to compete and win has not subsided. My wife and I also love to travel together.