Jason Arends

Advisor Headshot

First a Client, Now a Part of the Bernstein Team

The business owners, athletes, professionals and retiring corporate executives I serve are lifelong friends. From family gifting to philanthropy and securing a future, I help families with significant wealth identify the best use of their money.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

Prior to joining Bernstein, I was an executive at an early-stage software company. Eventually, that same company went public and sold at a large multiple, which meant I needed help diversifying the volatile single-stock exposure I had in my hands. From there, I met with a Bernstein advisor and shortly after, became a client. Bernstein helped me diversify my portfolio, with taxes in mind, before the software tech bubble imploded in the late 1990s. The advisor’s careful planning, pragmatism and thoughtfulness inspired my decision to join the firm a few years later. I’ve never looked back since. In my current advisor role, I enjoy meeting the wide variety of families we serve and hearing about their passions, backgrounds and how they “bootstrapped” their companies and careers. I care a great deal about my clients and their families, and I’m honored to act as the quarterback in the metaphorical football game that is the dynamic of their needs.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

My parents provided me with a strong foundation based upon their personal value system: work hard, play hard and stay active. I have built my practice around this philosophy. Those values and experiences were also at the root of how my wife and I raised our three children and stewarded their involvement with school, sports and church. Now that our children are grown-ups and out of the home, I have been able to spend more time on my lifelong interest in golf. Having caddied at an early age, I was blessed to learn the game in my youth and even play in college, which I very much enjoyed. Today, one of my favorite pastimes is golfing with my clients and their professionals to better understand them on a personal level. Spending four hours on a golf course with my clients is an ideal opportunity to ask questions about their values and background, which leads to a more complex idea of what makes their family tick.

What are your areas of expertise in solving problems for clients?

Everything in life starts with a good plan, which is why Bernstein’s Wealth Forecasting Analysis is my favorite service. It allows clients and prospects to pre-experience the growth of their wealth. Many people have an idea of what their dream retirement life looks like, but they need a road map telling them how to get there. This is where I come in. My favorite part of the job is rolling up my sleeves, looking at each client’s unique situation and providing different scenarios that show them all of the possibilities and options they have. Over time, my clients and I continue to revisit their plan as circumstances change. It is very rewarding to work closely with each family and show them different avenues they can take to finance their goals or missions.