Managing Director

Jay Leonard

Advisor Headshot

Strategic Guidance for Every Financial Phase

Working with a diverse clientele, Jay Leonard offers methodical planning at every stage. From startups to business exits, he provides comprehensive and personalized strategies to navigate complex financial landscapes.

Who are your clients?

Understanding my clients and their unique family values, backgrounds, and aspirations for future generations forms the core of my professional approach. I work diligently to establish a genuine bond with my clients, including high-ranking executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders, professional practice owners, and others navigating complex financial terrains. Their stories, their passions, and their dreams are what truly inspire my work.

What expertise do you offer your clients?

With a comprehensive understanding of finance and economics, I provide clients with a wide range of expertise. My role goes beyond just managing assets; it involves developing multifaceted strategies that encompass investment planning, business exits, multigenerational asset allocation, executive planning, tax strategies, succession planning and more. Collaborating with accountants, estate planners, transactional attorneys and investment bankers, I am able to leverage my background to create a significant impact and help achieve clients’ financial objectives.

What differentiates you from other advisors?

At Bernstein, I found my professional calling—the ability to make a real difference in people’s lives by managing not just their wealth, but their aspirations and fears related to it. As an advisor, the most fulfilling aspect of my work is being there for my clients beyond their balance sheets. I value being part of their inner circle, someone they trust with their life’s softer issues, and this defines my success far beyond the traditional metrics of wealth management.

When I am not advising clients, I am an ardent devotee to my family—my wife and two children are my world. Additionally, my love for sports, particularly triathlon, cycling and surfing, keeps my competitive spirit alive. The discipline and determination these sports demand reflect in my approach to work. At the end of the day, my commitment to my clients and my passion for my work are both driven by the same fundamental principle—making a difference where it counts.