Rian Spencer

Advisor Headshot

Lifelong Relationship Builder and Trusted Advisor

Change is constant. We have to be nimble and deliberate at the same time. The choices we make can have a lasting impact, therefore it is imperative that we have considered all possible scenarios in order for you to make the best informed decisions.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

The pandemic gave all of us more time than we have ever had for self-reflection. I had the chance to consider my personal and professional goals and align myself with an organization that shares my core values. Making a change to another firm after 18 years was a big decision for me, my family, and my clients. Bernstein allows me to have more depth to lifelong client relationships with access to initiatives that are important to me personally such as Women and Wealth, ESG investing, and Corporate Services.  When I explored the opportunity with Bernstein, I was very impressed with the people, collaborative culture, and their reputation in the industry. One major consideration in joining Bernstein was that I believe a client should not be forced into a box. At Bernstein, a client can have their own bespoke design with the guidance we provide tailored to their needs. As a Wealth Advisor, I leverage a diverse platform to customize portfolios for each individual based on their unique goals 

Which book had the most profound impact on you and why?

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein has had an impact on me since childhood. The concept of giving and receiving is the basis of any relationship. The book always reminded me of the principles of generosity, respect, and loyalty, which are paramount to any personal or professional relationship that I have. As a teenager, I moved several times locally in the Chicagoland area and ultimately to a very rural community in Southeast Ohio. Being vulnerable, as the new person, taught me the importance of relationship building and preservation. I have had lifelong relationships with people that I have met throughout. This was especially true when I pursued my MBA as a single mother. I did not have family close by and my friends helped me care for my son so that I could complete my degree at night. My friends are my family.  If you want anything to grow and bear fruit, it must be nurtured and cared for to flourish. 

What are your areas of expertise in solving problems for clients?

Bringing my artistic background to an issue allows me to have a creative lens to present options when clients are faced with a critical financial decisions and presents a unique perspective to helping my clients solve for challenges in their lives. As an educator early on in my career, I realized that we all learn differently and the value of understanding how one views and receives information.  Whether it be the financial crisis or more recently the pandemic, it is imperative that clients know that I am considering their  circumstances when faced with a financial decision.  As a commercial lender in 2008, I provided unconventional solutions with my creative vantage point helped clients navigate unprecedented times. The connection between their business and personal financial state was at the forefront and it was essential to have a holistic approach. Managing client relationships in transitional times with empathy allows me to be in the client’s shoes when proposing solutions.