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Daniel Corello

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I only accept the best from myself when it comes to my clients

Gone are the days of putting together a portfolio of mutual funds and reviewing it once a year. Successful families need innovation, advice, tax management, strategy, engagement and customized solutions in order to achieve the best outcomes toward their financial goals. From my experience, successful investment solutions should comprise the breadth of public investments and include research-driven private, opportunistic and thematic investments. Providing the best investment solutions is the only thing I will accept for my clients. Fortunately, Bernstein has the innovative platform to deliver on my ambition.

Share one of your most memorable professional accomplishments with us.

One of the best parts of my job is hearing the inspiring stories of those who have accomplished living the American Dream. This includes rising through poverty and other challenges to find their ultimate success. Helping families work through the complexities of both the financial journey and their achievements provides meaning in what I do. I enjoy nothing more than to think about the various people who I have had the pleasure to get to know, learn from, and work with to date.

One story, in particular, stands out. I was introduced to a young investor and entrepreneur whose parents brought him to America as refugees. Having grown up in a small farming community, he was no stranger to hard work and accomplishing what was needed. Through perseverance, he created a venture capital firm, which was wildly successful. I was fortunate to have met him early on in his investing career and be a part of the evolution and growth of his vision. Through me helping him discover his values and mission and planning for every situation that came our way, he was able to achieve more than what he originally set out to accomplish. This was a great feeling.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

I advise serial entrepreneurs and business owners who are typically building businesses, selling them and taking on new ventures. My clients know they need to think about an exit from a business perspective or investor directive, but many don’t realize what this means to them from a personal standpoint. They have been working in their company rather than on it. This way of operating can only take you so far. Therefore, my job is to help them discover and familiarize themselves with where they are and what lies ahead. Once we’ve identified their current position in the business cycle, and how that meshes with their personal and financial life, we can strategize together. Strategy includes a variety of ideas, such as tax savings, seeding their next venture, gifting to family, investing for a legacy and so on. Once we’ve created a plan, it’s time to execute on the strategies we’ve put in place so that my clients may live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. This is when the fun begins!

What is your motivation?

First off, family and friends are everything to me. They drive me, motivate me, and provide me with happiness. In addition, my connection with the outdoors grounds me. Whether it’s skiing, rucking in the backcountry, archery, marksmanship, or rafting, experiencing nature provides me with mental, physical, and spiritual stability. This is why I’ve founded a group geared toward entrepreneurs, professionals, and athletes who share a passion for the outdoors. This thriving community explores the application of principles learned through performing thrilling activities in nature. Our goal is to use these principles to create meaningful relationships and successful lives.