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Julie Judson

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Creating Deeply Personal Relationships

I collaborate closely with emerging generations of dynamic families to enhance their lives through their wealth today and for decades to come.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

Throughout my career, I’ve worked closely with dynamic, wealthy families on their giving. Though the work is very fulfilling, I realized that I could expand what I offered to my network. Instead of just focusing on philanthropy, I would also build upon my experience to provide holistic advice and thought leadership around all aspects of their wealth. I could have done this work anywhere, but I chose Bernstein. Yes, Bernstein offers industry-renowned investment opportunities, they are a global firm and they are a leader in research in the industry. All of that was reason enough to make this move. But what I really came to understand about Bernstein is the firm’s moral compass and beating heart.  There’s the blocking and tackling of the work of wealth management, and then there’s the unteachable, un-fakeable truth that Bernstein is a firm with a soul. It’s in our DNA. In my work as a fundraiser, I pride myself on having a strong gut instinct. That’s why I chose to work at Bernstein.

How have your values and personal background uniquely positioned you to work with your clients?

I am fascinated by generosity. I think it’s the most interesting condition of the human spirit. What compels people to give away their resources, time, talent, and their treasure for a cause that’s bigger than themselves? What makes a person want to help another?

It took me a long time to learn that there are many ways to be generous beyond the traditional act of giving. Once I understood that generosity in all its forms could be a way of life, that idea became my North Star. 

As an advisor, my goal is to build my practice with a generosity of spirit. I want my practice to be deeply personal because I know that money, family, and legacy are all deeply personal. I will always lead with empathy, curiosity, and sensitivity to best serve the families I work with. My clients can come to me with their challenges, their dreams, and their questions and know that no matter what they are thinking about, they will always feel safe with me.   

Which personal accomplishment makes you proudest?

A few years ago, when I was a fitness instructor, I began each class with a mantra to help center my students. One thought I often came back to was “Growth is the challenge, and growth is the gift.” I love how simple and profound this message is. Growing is difficult, but it’s also the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. Thinking about challenges in that context has allowed me to see every hurdle in front of me as a path to evolve as a human being, as a daughter, partner, friend, and citizen of the world.

The accomplishments I am proudest of are a result of great challenges. And today, when I think of successfully transitioning to a new career as a wealth advisor after 12 years as a fundraiser, I am immeasurably proud. The transition has challenged how I see myself, and what I thought my career would be. I have worked harder and grown more than I knew I could. To say that I have been given a gift through this opportunity would be an understatement.