National Director, UHNW Services

Emily Neubert

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Strategic Planning Around Your Values

Through open, safe and honest conversations I explore what matters most to our clients. Then, we collaborate to develop and implement customized, strategic financial plans that align with their values and preferred philanthropic causes.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to your clients?

The most satisfying part of my role is working with families to increase collaboration and cohesion amongst different generations. Families that bond around a shared purpose in regard to their wealth increase their ability to successfully achieve a lasting legacy. Family alignment is achieved through conversations that explore each person’s individual values. Then, we determine the common denominators between family members. Facilitating and playing a part in these discussions is where I most enjoy spending my time. I also believe it’s where my time is best spent. While family dialogue can be focused on both personal and philanthropic wealth, helping generations engage with the world through philanthropy is most rewarding. Seeing a family successfully incorporate their shared values into a charitable mission allows them to define a vision for future generations, and most importantly, impact their communities and the world.

What are your areas of expertise in solving problems for clients?

Transferring wealth-related values and knowledge and creating strategic financial plans for business owners and entrepreneurs is my specialty. I help clients identify their financial objectives and execute necessary solutions to attain them. I recognize the unique needs, challenges and opportunities that business owners face and offer customized advice tailored to their goals. As I tell clients, keeping your business and personal goals aligned requires a comprehensive plan. This includes analyzing tax planning strategies, estate planning approaches and business continuity decisions. All arise through the process of building and exiting a business. For clients who are creating or inheriting multigenerational wealth, identifying family values and aligning them with long-term goals is a key factor in creating a successful legacy. My ability to facilitate family conversations can help identify, communicate and reinforce chosen values and ultimately create and maintain a lasting legacy.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

Outside of work, I look forward to spending time with my husband and four children. As a family, we enjoy all of the outdoor adventures Colorado has to offer together. Some of our favorite activities are camping, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. My husband and I also enjoy taking international trips together and exploring all parts of Colorado with our family. We are active within our community through fundraisers and volunteering, and we support our local emergency responders by regularly delivering food to their stations with our children. We are also long-time supporters of the Wild Animal Sanctuary located in Keenesburg, Colorado, including contributing an acre of land to help build out the new Wildlife Refuge.

Meet Emily

Meet Emily Neubert, Bernstein's National Director of  Ultrahigh-Net-Worth Services. Emily focuses on family governance, where she expertly guides families in creating a platform for constructive decision-making while preserving their close-knit relationships.