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Local when it matters, global when it counts

Looking for wealth management in Houston? Bernstein Private Wealth Management serves as confidants to some of the region's most astute investors, helping them solve complex challenges—ones that extend well beyond wealth management.

What sets us apart as one of the best financial advisors in Houston? We combine decades of experience with the “above and beyond” attitude of an intimate boutique.​

What Sets Us Apart Houston
Business Owners Houston

Leave your mark

Many business owners and entrepreneurs count on Bernstein Private Wealth Management’s Houston office for support. Whether you’re launching your latest endeavor, leading a family enterprise, or eyeing an exit we understand that your financial goals are intertwined with your personal values and aspirations. That’s why we’re here to help you achieve both.

We rank among the best financial advisors in Houston, exploring fundamental questions like “What matters most to me?” and “How will I leave my mark on the world?” Our range of services helps you explore economic trade-offs when planning for your future—and that of your top talent and staff. With dedicated resources for business owners and entrepreneurs, we’re fully committed to your financial success. 


Fine-tune your rewards

Many corporate professionals don’t have time to focus on all the components of their compensation packages. That’s why corporate executives exploring wealth management in Houston frequently turn to us for sophisticated modeling and tax mitigation techniques—it helps take the guesswork out of compensation planning. We tailor 10b5-1 selling plans, exchange funds, hedging strategies, family wealth transfer solutions and charitable giving strategies to your specific needs.

FIA Houston

Advance your mission

As one of the top Houston wealth management firms serving nonprofits and foundations, we understand what it means to be a fiduciary partner. Our Houston wealth advisors sit on numerous community boards, helping them make the most of the resources entrusted to them.

We work with all kinds of nonprofits and foundations, big or small. We can help you with everything from creating personalized investment plans to making sure your board is running smoothly, developing effective fundraising strategies, and keeping your operations healthy. And because our Houston nonprofit and foundation clients tend to be lean on staff and have volunteer boards, we help backfill any gaps—cutting through the complexity for a wide range of decision-makers.

A Partner In Houston

A partner in Southern Texas

As proud members of the Houston community, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to give back and make a positive impact. Many local organizations have benefited from our active volunteer base, including Houston Food Bank, and many others in the southern Texas region. Whether through time, talent, civic engagement or donations, we believe that we can help build a stronger, more vibrant community for everyone.

Uncertain times, clear advice

Your investments are important to you—they’re your means of reaching your financial goals and achieving better outcomes in life. 

That’s why Bernstein Private Wealth Management's Houston advisory team is here to help you explore the opportunities and risks of the world’s capital markets and the innovations that shape them. We understand that in risk-on, risk-off environments, it’s tempting to overcorrect. Instead, we’ll help you overcome your emotions and keep your portfolio on track by lending some much-needed perspective.

clouds outside a stormy window

Have you fortified your portfolio against unexpected challenges?

While capital markets and the economy are constantly evolving, that’s just one aspect of your wider wealth. For all of life’s important questions—whether you’re assessing your cash flow or philanthropic capacity, analyzing the sale of your business, or planning your legacy—our Dallas wealth advisors can help. We serve as both a personal advisor and facilitator, creating a long-term financial strategy to ensure your wealth can withstand unexpected challenges.